Personal Styling and Make-Overs

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” —Giorgio Armani

There are a few stages of life in which a person needs a wardrobe assessment and image makeover. These stages are:

The Societal Stage

This is the stage where a person steps into the employment world from the current educational environment. The type of business and company culture determines the choices of wardrobe personality.

The Management Stage

Happens when a person elevated to a senior managerial role from the previous executive role. As the need to meet more affiliates increases with the elevation of role, the need for a more elaborated wardrobe follows.

The Influential Stage

When a person becomes a figure of public presence, he/she has a certain influential status in the eyes of the public. Hence, a suitable wardrobe package that reflects the personal branding accurately is a necessity.

We provide the most optimal wardrobe solution for our clients regardless the stage of life they are in. Our ultimate objective is to exude the best branding impact in them.

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